Project Description

  • Project Due April 30 by email
  • About 5 written pages + code + plots
    • Format could vary a bit depending on project e.g. if you implement reasonably complex model in R, final report could be 2 pages describing model + link to github repo with model code and testing functions
  • Topic: Anything in the area of survival analysis
  • Email me 1 paragraph description of project plan by April 15
    • Discuss report format
  • The following slides contain some project ideas. You do not need to pursue one of these ideas.
    • Mix different project suggestions together.
    • Already have an idea? Go with it.

Topic Idea 1: TCGA Data Extension

Acquire data set other than KIRC from the TCGA website and fit models similar to homework 5.

Suggested Report Format:

  • 3 pages describing data acquisition and cleaning process
  • 2 pages applying Homework 5 code to data and summarizing results

Topic Idea 2: TCGA Model Extension

Fit models other than Cox PH to TCGA KIRC data (or another data set). Some examples:

Suggested Report Format:

  • 2 pages describing model
  • 3 pages applying model to data, comparing with Cox PH

Topic Idea 3: Bayesian Modeling

Topic Idea 4: Causal Inference in Survival Analysis

Topic Idea 5: Reproduce / Extend Paper Results